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Xsteady GG3 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for RX0/Gopro Hero3/4/5/6/Xiaomi Yi 4K/4K+/SJCAM

Net weight (internal battery): 310g
Static attitude tracking accuracy: ±0.008°
Motion attitude tracking accuracy: ±0.05°
Pitch work angle range: 280 degrees (up 140°, down 140°)
Rolling work angle range: 80 degrees (35 degrees up, 45 degrees down) No camera angle is 270 degrees
Heading work angle range: 640 degrees (500 degrees clockwise, 140 degrees counterclockwise;
                                            or 500 degrees counterclockwise, 140 degrees clockwise)
Maximum weight: 130g
Operating voltage: DC 3.2-5.0V
battery capacity/operating hours: About 7.5h (2600mAh battery)
Support camera type: Gopro Hero3/4/5/6, Sony RX0, Xiao Yi 4K/4K+, SJCAM, AEE and other similar size sports cameras
Motor overload protection current: 1A
Operating temperatures: -15℃ – 45℃
-Xsteady three-axis hand-held head stand Gopro Stabilizer (GG3) is a hand-held gyro regulator with a powerful and stable function. It can perfectly combine with a sports camera to take professional-quality video and perfectly eliminate jitter and shaking caused by the shooting process. 
-GG3 is easy to carry, easy to use, the latest 32-bit digital closed-loop control scheme for brushless motors,
and the use of magnetic induction digital encoder positioning technology with higher accuracy and finer processing. 
-GG3 can use a variety of expansion accessories to adapt to a variety of different use environments:
such as screen monitor bracket, wireless Bluetooth controller, tripod, etc. (Note: expansion accessories need to be purchased separately). 
This product is built-in Bluetooth 4.0, support for mobile phone APP parameters and wireless control.
-This product is suitable for most sports cameras on the market (such as Sony RX0,
Gopro Hero3/4/5/6, Xiao Yi 4K/4K+, SJCAM, AEE and other similar size sports cameras).
Package included:
1 x Three-axis hand-held Gopro Stabilizer (GG3)
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User manual

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