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Y.F.M® Beard Care Grooming & Trimming Kit

1. Pour a small amount of beard oil into your palm of you hand.Best to use right after showering.It also works well with dry beard.
2. Spread between both palms and fingers,and then apply.
3. Apply to your beard and massage into your skin.
4. Optionally:brush or comb your beard to the style you like,spread the oil evenly and comb to get the shape.
5. For dry beards apply daily or whenever beard maintenance is required.
Please put it on the place child can not get. accidentally mistakenly, please promptly ask the doctor. Do not put it in high
temperature and direct light.
Packing Included:
1 x  Beard Oil
1 x  Beard Balm
1 x  Beard Brush 
1 x  Beard Comb 
1 x  Mustache Scissors

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